A Program Dedicated to Adapting to the Unique Mind of Every Student


What is SkySlate ?

  • SkySlate is a new, innovative after-school education program designed to offer the highest level of enrichment, provide the utmost convenience, and be entirely eco-friendly.

  • SkySlate currently provides Math, English, Essay Writing for grades 1-12 and SAT, ACT Long term and Intensive Courses for grades 8-12.

  • Live tutoring sessions with US-based, experienced teachers are provided every week for 1 hour per course/ subject

  • Each week, research-based worksheets of the highest-quality are delivered to students via SkySlate App/ Portal on their Computer/iPad/Android devices allowing students to work anytime, anywhere. 

  • SkySlate provides classes through experienced teachers

  • All lessons and worksheets focus on fundamental concepts and methods, preparing students for success not only in the school, but also in various national level competitions and most importantly, in life in general.

  • SkySlate worksheets are designed to actively engage students for an average of 20 minutes per day for each subject they are registered for.

Why SkySlate ?

In theory, after-school educational enrichment is a fantastic idea. Public—and most private—school curriculums typically leave much to be desired, with crowded classrooms and a lack of ability to accommodate individual students' unique needs. After-school learning programs can help pick up the slack, reinforcing concepts and techniques established in school studies to help prevent students from falling behind, while often better developing their strengths and identifying and reducing weaknesses and struggles. 

Unfortunately, traditional after-school learning programs are filled with problems for students and inconveniences for parents. This is why we've founded SkySlate—a program that does away with wastefulness, one that doesn't require any driving to and from physical learning centers, one that offers both Common Core support and advanced, competition-level preparation that is adaptable to each student's needs, allowing our SkySlaters to study Math, English, ACT and SAT preparation courses anytime, anywhere.


SkySlate is Comprehensive

  • 150+ National Level Award-winning Content

    Most of our courses are enriched with 150+ National level award-winning content. Experienced teachers hand-picked perfect content suitable for students by each level. We received very high rating from our parents and students on the content

  • Multiple Courses

    SkySlate offers a complete experience, including Math, English, Essay Writing and ACT/SAT Long-Term and Intensive Courses.

  • US Based Experienced Teachers

    Students participate in weekly, live tutoring sessions with USA-based, experienced teachers. A single teacher is assigned to each class, allowing for familiarity, focus, and quick responses to students' questions.

  • Keeping On Target

    Bi-Weekly tests are conducted and progress reports are made available to parents to keep up with students' development. Review quizzes & live tutoring sessions help improve student comprehension.

  • Helpful Resources

    The SkySlate program includes a wealth of helpful resources, including instructional videos, virtual classes, sample problems, and teacher feedback, offering students additional support and guidance.

SkySlate is Convenient

  • No More Driving

    The SkySlate program is entirely digital, meaning parents no longer have to drive to and from traditional, physical learning centers. Students only need their smart device or laptop and the SkySlate app — no more dealing with bad traffic, ​awful weather, or hectic schedules.

  • Online Tutoring Sessions

    At SkySlate, we encourage students to take their education
    into their own hands, working independently using the
    ​SkySlate app. However, live teacher support can be essential for many students and invaluable for monitoring progress while keeping students on track.

  • Work Anytime, Anywhere

    Wi-fi access is only required for a couple of minutes per week to download new lessons and upload completed work. After content is saved to their tablet, students can complete their work wherever, whenever.

  • Class Recordings

    Videos of all tutoring sessions ("virtual classes") are available for student- access online to review in case a class is missed or as a refresher for students looking to spend some extra time on a lesson.

SkySlate is Economical

  • No Waste, Eco-friendly

    Our program is entirely digital—no papers, no books, no notepads, no pencils, pens or wastefulness; 100% environment-friendly. All students need is a computer or an iPad/Android smart device and the SkySlate app/ portal.

  • Attractive Pricing

    SkySlate provides excellent value for your money. Despite offering world-class education, program fees are approximately half that of leading, traditional programs with "brick and mortar" learning centers.

  • Free Trial and Discounts

    SkySlate provides excellent value for your money. Despite offering world-class education, program fees are approximately half that of leading, traditional programs with "brick and mortar" learning centers. All new students will get FREE trial to experience any one course.No contract, Cancel any time. No questions asked.

How to Use SkySlate


Download the SkySlate app on a computer or smart tablet


Students' answers are auto-corrected in the app for immediate feedback


Digital worksheets are delivered ​to students' devices each week


Once a week, US based teachers, teach students through online, live, interactive, virtual classes.


Students can complete digitized worksheets anytime, anywhere


Bi-Weekly tests and progress reports help to keep kids on target


Our App / Portal

The years-long development of our SkySlate app has led to a unique and intuitive interface for students, based on convenience and simplicity. Although we embrace the complexity of today's technology, our focus is promoting academic excellence and our app is designed to best encourage effective education with both a minimal learning curve and access to a variety of educational resources.

Features include:

  • Electronic delivery of worksheets every week

  • Download up to 4 weeks of worksheets at a time

  • Standard Course subject worksheets support Common Core curriculum standards

  • Competitive Course worksheets employ questions from real national competitions

  • Internet access is only needed to download/submit worksheets, allowing students to complete work anytime, anywhere

  • Auto-correct gives students instant feedback

  • Reviewed worksheets are returned to students

  • Time is tracked for each worksheet

  • Helpful resources are attached to worksheets

  • Students can show their work by writing with their finger or stylus—no paper necessary

  • A variety of reports is available for parents/students through the SkySlate app

  • Daily/weekly progress reports emailed to parents

  • Access to a wide variety of educational resources to help students along their academic path


Our Teachers

SkySlate English Teacher: Andrew Bird | 2:12

SkySlate Math Teacher: Chanell Lucas | 0:52

SkySlate English Teacher: Laurie Weeks | 1:57

SkySlate teachers are US-based, experienced and committed to providing a great learning experience to each student. An online, live tutoring session is offered to small group of students each week. Students "attend" these sessions from the convenience of their homes on their computer. This feature eliminates the need for parents to drive students to physical learning centers to attend classes. SkySlate teachers keep a constant eye on every students' progress and intervene as needed. A quarterly parent-teacher conference is held to discuss student progress.

  • Live tutoring sessions ("virtual classes") for one hour every week with experienced, US-based teachers

  • Small groups—no more than 10 students per class; methods are individual-focused​

  • Quarterly parent-teacher meetings

  • All tutoring sessions are recorded and made available online in case students miss a class or prefer to refresh.

  • All SkySlate teachers are experienced, friendly, and enthusiastic about making a difference


Our Story

We’re not just educators at SkySlate, we’re parents, too. And as parents, we demand the best for our children. Like you, we arrived at SkySlate because we could not find an after-school educational enrichment program that suited our needs and met the high standards we desire for our children.

Along our path to founding SkySlate, we’ve experienced numerous traditional, brick-and-mortar, supplementary education programs. Unfortunately, our experiences have been disappointing. The constant driving back-and-forth to physical classrooms is inconvenient and sometimes impossible to accommodate, leading to chaotic, stressful schedules for the whole family, often causing students (our children) to fall behind. 

To top it off, our children (and we agree!) found traditional programs to be repetitive, boring, and lacking challenges essential to progress. Not to mention the extremely wasteful, paper-based worksheet packets popular among most learning programs.

Much like you, we found this all to be absolutely unacceptable.

Furthermore, we couldn't find a program that offered both primary subject support and advanced, competition-level enrichment. This two-track approach is one of SkySlate's many unique characteristics.

​We asked ourselves:
​Can we fix this?
There must be something better.
So we made something better.