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Joining Class Is Just 3 Easy Steps

  1. From Computer: Click "Join Class Now!" button. 

    • From Smart Phone/ Tablet : Open "Cisco WebEx Meetings" App

  2. Enter Meeting Number (Check your WhatsApp text or initial setup email)

  3. Enter student's First and Last Name, No Email required.

    • Select Audio Connection (Join from Computer) and No Video.


NOTE:  In case you have audio problem on your computer, you can Join Audio Conference call from Phone into same class: Call (408)-418-9388, Enter Meeting Number and Enter # twice. ​

Issues Joining Class ?

  • Contact us using contact info in footer of this page, scroll down

  • Self Help: Your browser cache may be causing issues. Follow steps below

    • Using Chrome browser? : Press "Ctrl+Shift+N" to launch "Incognito window" in Chrome, open this page and repeat steps.

    • Internet Explorer? : Press "Ctrl+Shift+P" to launch "InPrivate Browsing", open this page and repeat steps. 

    • Safari Browser? : Press "Command+Shift+N" to launch "Private Browsing", open this page and repeat steps.

    • Fire Fox? : Press "Ctrl+Shift+P" to launch "Private Browsing", open this page and repeat steps.

General Instructions

  • Use a Windows or Mac computer for best experience.

  • Use good wired headphones with microphone, wear them through the entire class. Teacher may request you to speak any time randomly.

  • Smart tablets (iPad or Android) or Smart Phones (If on road) will also work (Requires "Cisco Webex Meetings" app, Download before you proceed)

  • Check Setup Instructions in your email or class reminder text messages for your meeting id and password. If you are not in the WhatsApp group for reminders and homework assignments, have your parent request admin to add you

  • Make a note of Meeting ID and password on a sticky note for future classes.

  • You should be in a quiet place with no disturbance

  • Join the class 5 minutes before your class time

  • Always MUTE your line when you are not speaking during the class session

  • Disable video unless teacher requestsfor video

Missed a Class? Don't Worry!

Request a Recording

  • ​All classroom sessions are recorded for your convenience in case you missed a class or want to review again.

  • To request a class recording click here.

Student Resources

  • For first time setup instructions click here

  • To report any worksheet errors click here

  • To pay fee click here

  • To cancel your classes/ subscription click here

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