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1 Hr. / Week  |  $80 / Month  |  No Contract

Grades 1-12  |  2 Weeks FREE Trial

About English Course

The SkySlate’s English course is designed to explore the language's numerous elements collectively rather than oversimplifying the process and focusing on only reading and writing like many traditional after-school learning programs.


The Skyslate English Course is designed to frame a classical education with the holistic approach of allowing the student natural creative abilities to translate into skill as a reader, writer and communicator. The course progresses from laying a solid foundation to building up on skills that will not only preserve a student’s confidence in reading and writing, but also to acclimate them to challenges that will keep them constantly ahead of the curve. The three main components to all Skyslate Standard English Courses are: reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing. Additionally, for younger students, an emphasis on spelling and daily reading practice will be a main component of the course.

SkySlate worksheets are created by a group of US based, experienced teachers based on extensive research to keep your child ahead of the curve.

  • This course reinforces the fundamentals while advancing students' knowledge and abilities beyond these national standards

  • Worksheets cover various aspects of English, including Syntax, Spelling, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Literary Concepts, Elements of Writing, Stem Words, Affix Recognition, and much more

  • ​Course duration is 36 weeks covering about 300 worksheets with 12 Bi-Weekly tests

  • A diagnostic test is conducted to place the students in appropriate level.

Available English Course Levels

  • Check "Course Curriculum" of each level to understand what is covered in each course level

  • Sign Up for FREE trial. $10 registration and setup fee apply. Follow instructions in email after SignUp

  • If the student is not available for the given schedule, please select "Need other schedule" option to SignUp.

  • Any questions, check footer to contact us or click here


Literature and Composition

Grades: 8 - 9  (Honors : 7 - 8)

As the proceeding class from the previous course, the Literature and Composition Level will stress essay responses to multiple forms of literature. Students will be expected, by this point, to demonstrate adequate skill in responding to essay prompt questions. Students will be introduced to various forms of classical literature, as appropriate for 8th and 9th grade. Though grammar and sentence structure is expected to be mastered at this point, there will be exercises given to ensure that skills regarding basic grammar remain fresh and the development of editing skills continues.


  • Every Friday : 9pm - 10pm (EST)

  • Every Wednesday : 8:10pm - 9:10pm (EST)

  • Need Other Schedule? : Signup to Request

All times shown are in EST (Eastern Time). Convert to your time zone. For example: 

6pm (EST) = 5pm (CST) = 4pm (MST) = 3pm (PST)


Advanced English

Grades 10 - 12

This is the final course in the Standard English Program for SkySlate. Goals of this course are to ensure that the student is writing at college level and has a thorough understanding of what is expected of them when they enter the realm of higher education. Literature will draw from a variety of sources so as to expand the student’s knowledge horizon of literature on a worldwide scale. Topics will include avoiding plagiarism, time management for essay deadlines, and understanding rhetorical strategies such as ethos, pathos, and logos. Students will learn the difference between reliable and unreliable sources, identify peer reviewed articles, and primary vs. secondary sources. The importance of composing a strong thesis will be emphasized, as well as creating supporting details. The goal of the class is to create an 8 page MLA research paper as well as an APA paper, and to summarize the contents of the paper in a power point presentation. At the end of the course, students will be directed in how to compose scholarship essays, and encouraged to apply for scholarships using their writing skills.


  • Every Saturday : 7:30 - 8:30pm (EST)

  • Need Other Schedule? : Signup to Request

All times shown are in EST (Eastern Time). Convert to your time zone. For example: 

6pm (EST) = 5pm (CST) = 4pm (MST) = 3pm (PST)


Essay Writing +

Grades 4 - 12

You will learn how to : Identify and avoid common grammatical/ mechanical/ structural errors in writing. Build the art of writing to effectively defend an argument using the classical methods of ethos, pathos and logos. Develop an effective thesis. Build support for a main argument that can be used in all varieties of essays universally. Write effective introductions and conclusions. Develop academic vocabulary, MLA and APA Style. Improve Grammar and Mechanics. Create a PowerPoint Presentation and utilize public speaking skills. Put yourself ahead of the competition by knowing how to do an essay with a power point. Build confidence in writing and public speaking. Give a strong public speaking presentation. Effectively communicate thoughts and ideas through writing. Compose, review and receive feedback individually on your essays and public speaking presentation. Prepare yourself for scholarship application essays by learning important terms and phrases to incorporate into your writing.

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