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2 Hrs. / Week  | $150 / Month   |  No Contract

Grades 8-12  |  2 Weeks FREE Trial

Invest In Your Child Today !!

About Course

  • We strongly believe that the fundamental skills required for superior SAT / ACT scores cannot be obtained in a short period of time. Multiple years of extensive preparation will build excellent reading and comprehension capabilities while extending students' vocabulary and clarity of written communication.

  • It also takes an extended period of time to build a thorough understanding of concept-based mathematical techniques—the foundation needed to solve problems quickly and accurately.

  • Our students and parents gave us a 4.7 / 5 rating on our course because long term prep really helped them. All colleges accept both SAT and ACT scores and some students do well in ACT and others in SAT.

  • So, we prep students for both SAT and ACT. SkySlate created a two-year-long program that prepares your child with the necessary skills to reach their full potential and triumph over the SAT and ACT examination.​

  • At least two years of extensive preparation should be undertaken to truly prepare a student for SAT / ACT success, with excellence in reading comprehension and with an impressive bank of vocabulary.

  • It also takes a long-term, regular exercise to build solid Math capabilities and to thoroughly understand the basic concepts needed to solve problems quickly and accurately. 

Course Highlights

  • Two-year course plan for a Perfect Score goal

  • Builds Math, English, Science, Writing Skills, precisely required for SAT and ACT specific challenges.

  • Guaranteed Score improvement of 5+ Points on ACT and 300+ Points on SAT. Multiple SkySlate students have already proven this. 

  • Develops confidence and mastery = the skill set for SUCCESS

  • Offers thorough practice of realistic SAT/ACT questions using industry standard guide books

  • Includes special, unique math techniques, tips, and tricks to solve problems quickly to beat the clock—one of the most difficult issues for students when taking timed tests​

  • Students who complete all 2 Levels cover over 4,000 pages of content

  • Test targeted questions that guarantee top scores. Practice makes perfect!

  • Students common mistakes will be identified and corrected by the teacher in this small group class with individual attention on each student.

  • Provides regular and thorough understanding of grammar rules.

  • Provides Reading strategies and rules. 

  • Includes special, unique math techniques, tips, and tricks to solve problems quickly to beat the clock—one of the most difficult issues for students when taking timed tests.

  • All our teacher scored in 99th percentile in these tests and their experience adds a great value to the student.

  • Check "Course Curriculum" of each level to understand what is covered in each course level

  • Sign Up for FREE trial. $10 registration and setup fee apply. Follow instructions in email after SignUp

  • If the student is not available for the given schedule, please select "Need other schedule" and SignUp

Course Levels

  • The course has 2 Levels, Level 1 and Level 2.

  • Level 1 primarily focuses on fundamentals and practice. Level 2 focus on advanced concepts and rigorous prep.

  • Each Level uses different set of books and practice questions.

  • Each of the 2 course levels are  36 week long.

  • Courses use "revolving door" model, meaning that the classes are designed in such a way that a student can join the course in the middle of the course and move to next level when he reaches where the student started based on the weekly curriculum.

  • Teachers will cover all concepts required for each class in same class, this is why a student joining in middle of course can easily follow.

  • All our successful students say one thing in common "The long term prep really gave us ample time to identify and correct our mistakes and improve with teachers guidance".

  • Practice, Practice, Practice is the key for the score improvement!" 

Our Teachers

  • All our teacher scored in 99th percentile in SAT / ACT tests and have multiple years of experience that  adds a great value to the student.

  • Our teachers know the tricks, tips and techniques to Ace these tests as they have passed them already with top score. These techniques are not taught in school because a problem you solve in 10 minutes in school has to be solved in 1 minute in the test.

  • All teachers are highly rated (5/5) by almost all students, check our reviews

  • Although these are small group classes, every student will get individual attention by teacher. Every student will speak to teacher in each class. Students questions are encouraged

  • Students common mistakes will be identified and corrected by the teacher

  • Students test scores are reviewed by teacher and provided guidance


  • 1900 + pages of content​ in each level includes multiple  industry leading books and state of the art book published by SkySlate exclusively for this course (not available any where else) and multiple Diagnostic Tests.

  • Students have to spend at least 3 to 4 hours per week on home work & practice tests

  • All required books are used to follow the class with the teacher and complete the homework.

Test Scores

  • When you signup and order books, you will be given access to SkySlate Portal ​(

  • SkySlate Portal will show your test scores in real ACT/ SAT scaled and composite score format so you will exactly know where you stand on real official test

  • SkySlate portal also provides detailed analysis of your scores by each section topic so you can identify your weak spots. This helps the teacher provide you guidance in areas where you need improvement

  • Your Scores on SkySlate Portal will be  compared to Class Average on a graph 

How Does It Work?

  • Every week student joins online classes through our platform form any computer with internet access

  • You can join classes from any where in the world or while travelling on the road

  • Classes are online, live, fully interactive, individual student attention provided​. 

  • Every student will see teachers screen, speak to teacher during the sessions directly. Teacher will randomly pick on each student and ask to explain his/her reasoning on questions. 

  • All classes are 2 hours long, every week. 1 Hr for Math/Science and 1 Hr for Reading/Writing with 10 minute break. Course covers all sectioned required for both SAT and ACT.

  • ​All classes are recorded and made available to you so you can review them in case you miss a class or need to revise.

  • All class joining instructions and more information will be emailed to you after you signup​

  • All new students can try 2 hours of classes. No contract, cancel anytime.

Our Guarantee

  • Multiple past SkySlate students improved scores by over 7 points in ACT (out of 36 points) and 500 points in SAT/PSAT (Out of 1600 points).

  • With all our multiple years of experience we can  guarantee that our students score will improve by 5 points in ACT and 300 points in SAT.

  • If you don't improve even after you attend all classes in the course and complete all homework, you can repeat the course absolutely FREE of cost.

  • Many students scored in 98th percentile and some even won a perfect scores.

  • Many students got admission into their dream colleges in the country.

  • We don't have a contract. You can cancel the classes any time you want.

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