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SkySlate provides excellent value for your money. Despite offering world-class education, program fees are approximately half that of leading, traditional programs with "brick and mortar" learning centers. All new students will get a FREE trial to experience any one course. We're so sure you'll love SkySlate and we want you to try it for yourself...for free! You may use any Promo Code you have received, for additional offers. No contract. Cancel any time. No questions asked.

  • MATH


    Builds Foundation Skills with Common Core. Includes Critical Thinking to improve Logical, Analytical & Reasoning Skills. Prepares for Competitive tests. Covers Elementary Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 & Geometry.

    • Grades: 1-12

    • Fee: $80 /Mo/Group. $110 /Mo/1 on 1

    • Classes: 1 Hour / Week

    • FREE Trial: 1 Session


    A classical education in English with a holistic approach of allowing the students natural creative abilities. Emphasis on Writing Skills, Reading, Language Arts. Supports Common Core and Honors English.

    • Grades: 1-12

    • Fee: $80 per Month for 9 months

    • Classes: 1 Hour / Week

    • FREE Trial: 2 Weeks

  • SAT & ACT


    Prep for both SAT & ACT. Guaranteed Score Improvement. Covers all subjects Math, English, Reading, Writing and Science. 2000 pages of content. 99th percentile scored teachers. Proven results. Our Flagship Course.

    • Grades: 7-11

    • Fee: $150 per Month for 9 months

    • Classes: 2 Hours / Week

    • FREE Trial: 2 Weeks


    Builds the art of Essay Writing Skills. Fixes common grammatical, mechanical and structural errors in writing. Learn to build a solid argument structure. Helps in Scholarship essays, winning top dollars.

    • Grades: 6-12

    • Fee: $80 per Month for 9 Months

    • Classes: 1 Hour / Week

    • FREE Trial: 2 Weeks


    Multiple courses with Creative Projects

    •  PYTHON Coding with 30+ Projects

    • Website Design with HTML and JavaScript

    • Artificial Intelligence & Computer Games

    • Coding with JavaScript  

    • Grades: 5-12

    • Fee: $110 per Month ( 1 on 1 Classes)

    • Classes: 1 Hour / Week for 9 Months

    • FREE Trial: 1 Session


    (1 on 1 CLASSES)

    College essay writing is an elusive blend of personal narrative & expository composition; it's a daunting process. Learn to effectively express personality, convey intelligence, and impress admissions officers. Experienced teacher.

    • Grades: 10-12

    • Fee: $35 per Hour

    • Classes: Your Convenient Time

    • FREE Trial: 1 Session


    (1 on 1 CLASSES)

    On-Demand private tutoring on Any Subject including Math, English, Science, AP Courses, SAT/ACT/PSAT, and Essay Writing. Top-notch teachers will work with you at your convenient schedule.

    • Any Student

    • Fee: $30 per Hour

    • SAT/ACT Fee: $35 / Hour ($120 for 4 Hrs)

    • FREE Trial: 1 Session


    (1 on 1 CLASSES)

    Advanced Placement (AP) Courses provide a flexible pathway for students to gain college credits that may save hundreds of dollars in college fees. Taught by highly-qualified instructors who scored in 98th percentile in respective courses

    • Grades: 8-12

    • Fee: $110 per Month

    • Classes: 1 Hour / Week

    • FREE Trial: 1 Session


    (1 on 1 CLASSES)

    PSAT Prep for National Merit Scholarship (NMSQT). Guaranteed score improvement of 300 points. 2 full length tests. 99th percentile scored teachers.

    • Grades: 8-11

    • Fee: $110 per Month

    • Classes: 1 Hour / Week

    • FREE Trial: 1 Session


    Focused prep for SAT or ACT. Guaranteed Score Improvement of 300 points in SAT or 5 Points in ACT. 10 Full length tests with Scaled & Composite scores and detailed analysis to find your weak spots. 99th percentile scored teachers.

    • Grades: 8-11

    • Fee: $800 for 8 Weeks

    • Classes: 100 Hours in 8 Weeks

    • FREE Trial: 1 Class

SkySlate is the Most Comprehensive, 

Convenient and Economical Program

What is SkySlate?   |   1:30

How Does SkySlate Work?   |   3:14


Program That Stands Out From The Crowd

  • How SkySlate Works?

    Students participate in weekly, live, interactive, online tutoring sessions with teacher from a home computer. A single teacher is assigned to each class, allowing for familiarity, focus, and quick responses to each student's questions. Weekly homework is delivered through the SkySlate app/ portal. Bi-weekly tests are conducted to track progress. All classes are recorded and made available in case you miss a class.

  • Real Teacher & Virtual Class

    Small groups of students are taught weekly in an online class providing individual attention to each student. We ensure that every student is engaged fully in each class. Our parents are surprised to say that online classes are more effective than physical in-center classes as students are glued to their head phone and microphone with complete engagement throughout the class.

  • Work Whenever Wherever

    Students can join class using any computer or smart device even if you are travelling on the road, you can join using smart phone. Students can work on worksheets from anywhere using the SkySlate app/Portal.

  • No More Driving

    Our digital program means parents don't have to deal with the inconvenience of driving to/from learning centers. No more traffic, bad weather, or busy schedules. Join classes from the convenience of your home

  • Parents Involvement

    Parents can join live tutoring sessions, sharing in student’s learning experience. We hold quarterly parent-teacher conferences to discuss student’s progress and offer necessary guidance.


Parents and Students Reviews


Parents and Students Testimonials

We have a large number of satisfied students and parents, watch what some of them say..

SkySlate Parent (Mom) Review | 4:33

SkySlate Student Review | 0:43

SkySlate Parent (Dad) Review | 3:51

SkySlate Student - Eesha Review | 13:13


Meet Our Teachers

We have a large group of exceptional teachers, watch what some of our teachers are saying

SkySlate English Teacher: Andrew Bird | 2:12

SkySlate Math Teacher: Chanell Lucas | 0:52

SkySlate English Teacher: Laurie Weeks | 1:57




    Grades 1-12

    • 1 Course - $80 /month (1 Hr./ week)

    • 2 Courses - $150 /month (2 Hrs./ week)

    • Each Additional Courses In Family - $70 / month (1 Hr Class/ week)


    Grades 7 - 11

    • SAT/ACT Long term Course:

      • Math & English: $150 /Mo(2 Hrs/Wk)

    • SAT Prep Intensive - COMING SOON - $800 for 8 Weeks (100 Hrs)

    • ACT Prep Intensive- COMING SOON - $800 for 8 Weeks (100 Hrs)


    Any Grade

    • Math, English, Science, Essay Writing, AP Courses -  $30 /hour or $110 / 4 hours

    • ACT / SAT / PSAT, College Application Essays -  $35 /hour or $130 / 4 hours


    Any Course

    • One-time, non-refundable - $10



  • Group & Save - $25

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    Form a group of 6 students, sign up for the same course and batch and ALL will receive $25 off on the course fee every month. To find students that match your course, join the "WhatsApp" group below and announce your course. Have your friends join the group as well.

  • Refer & Get Rewarded- $25

    talking on phones

    If you have any friends whose children are in grades 1 – 12, refer them to us so that you can receive a $25 gift card or Fee Credit for every Successful Referral. Your friend will receive 2 classes FREE trial.

  • FREE Trial 2 Classes

    Image by Rod Long

    All new students can try 2 hours (classes) FREE on any one course.

    Only for new students who did not experience our online, live , interactive classes