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Starting Class in 3 Easy Steps

STEP 1:  Click "Start Class Now!" button. 
STEP 2:  Enter Email address for your class provided in Whats App class reminder. Password is Sky@123456

STEP 3:  Under Meetings> Upcoming Meetings> Find your class and click Start/Join

  • On first time use, click "download and Run Zoom". Install Zoom app.

  • Click "Test speaker and microphone"

  • Click "Join with computer audio"

  • IN case of audio issues from computer, you can also Join Audio from Mobile: Call (669) 900 6833, Enter Meeting ID and Enter # twice. 

  • If students have any questions during the class, have them call or email

  • For Zoom Training Videos Click Here


Teacher Resources

  • Time Tracking: After every class you need to to enter your time, Click here

  • White Board App: Use Whiteboard from Zoom app. alternatively, you can use a web based white board Click here

  • SkySlate App:  To download Skyslate app to view worksheets, Click Here

  • Teamviewer:  Admin can remote control to your computer for technical support, To Install Teamviewer Click Here

  • Writing Tablet: If you don't have a touch screen, you can use a writing tablet to write during class easily. To buy, Click here 

  • SAT-ACT Teachers:

    • To access the books and curriculum, for use during the class Click Here  (Requires password).

    • To view the books used in class Click Here 

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