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1 Hour/ Week

$75 / Month

Grades 3-7

2 Classes FREE TRIAL


Our Science course involves students read lessons that include a variety of charts, tables and graphs. Then, they answer critical thinking questions to improve their understanding of the science concepts and develop their reading comprehension, inferential and deductive thinking skills. Students cant just scan the story for answers - they must carefully analyze and synthesize the information from the text and the charts, tables and graphs to explain and support their answers.
Some of the science concepts are taught using free, engaging, Internet-based science resources (videos, articles, pictures, games, and diagrams) and worksheets that ensure an in-depth understanding of each science concept.
Our science course also teaches students how to research information on the Internet to help them broaden their knowledge of the web as an information resource. The inquiry-based worksheets develop critical thinking skills to broaden depth of analysis. 
Our science course covers topics from standard based Physical Science, Life Science, Earth Science, Animals, Ecosystem and Habitats, Atmosphere, Energy, Geology, Plants and Space. 

Course duration is 36 weeks covering about 300 worksheets with 12 Bi-Weekly tests. A diagnostic test is conducted to place the students in appropriate level.

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