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1 Hour/ Week

$75 / Month

Grades 7-11

2 Classes FREE TRIAL


  • In depth content review for Physics,Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Psychology, Sociology required for MCAT

  • Develop confidence and mastery of necessary MCAT material to do well

  • Offers thorough practice of realistic AAMC questions through industry standard MCAT books and practice exams

  • Includes special math, critical thinking, and CARS techniques, tips, and tricks to beat the clock and do well on the exam.

  • Targeted questions that guarantee top scores

  • Lots of in class CARS practice

  • Weekly office hours included for test review and general content questions

  • Weekly CARS Practice

  • Guaranteed Score improvement of 10+ Points on MCAT.



  • Every week student joins online classes through WebEx form any computer with internet access

  • You can join classes from any where in the world or while travelling on the road

  • Classes are interactive, individual student attention provided​

  • Additional 1 on 1 private sessions available on demand ($99 / Hr)

  • All classes are recorded and made available on website so you can review them in case you miss a class or need to revise.

  • All instructions to join class will be emailed to you after signup​


Choose your MCAT course:

  • MCAT Crash Course: 

    • 3 Month Course

    • Class meets every Sunday (4 - 7 pm EST) and Friday (7 - 10 pm EST)

    • Tests are taken on Saturday

  • MCAT Long Term Course: 

    • 6 Month Course

    • Class meets every Sunday (1 - 3 pm EST)  and Tuesday (8 - 10 pm EST)

    • Tests are taken on Saturday​


  • Highly qualified, experienced teachers, scored 515+ on MCAT


  • 1000+ pages of content including one industry leading exam prep book set, many pages of supplemental material, and 10 Full Length Exams including 4 official AAMC Tests tests

  •  Students have to spend 2 - 4 hours outside of class each day reviewing content, working on practice problems, and doing homework​


  • Crash Course is $400 per month. (Current promotional price is $325 per month). Its a 3 Month course

  • Long Term Course is $250 per month. (Current promotional price is $200 per month). Its a 6 Month course

  • Registration & Setup Fee $10, one time , non refundable fee charged at signup

  • ​Attend FREE class to try,  pay only after FREE class, if you continue.

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