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$35 / Hour

$110 / 4 Hrs

Grades 11 -12

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Writing a college application essay—that elusive
blend of personal narrative and expository
composition—is a daunting process, but by
understanding the elements of creative nonfiction,
anyone can learn to effectively express
personality, convey intelligence, and impress
admissions officers.

Our SkySlate teacher is an academic writer and Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards teacher, has helped his students gain entry into some of America’s
most exclusive universities, He has his specifc methods method for creating a remarkable college application essay.

In this course you will be:

  • Learning Common App vs. school-specific prompts

  • Brainstorming, drafting, editing, perfecting

  • Finding your most meaningful anecdotes

  • Crafting a memorable authorial voice

  • Learning college app presentation; student common app models

  • Discussing student anecdotes and ideas; recommendations and criticism; review sentence variety and figurative devices 

  • Discussing student rough drafts; review revision guidelines 

  • Having teacher proofread and perfect common app essays

  • Learning why University X essay—examples and ideas

  • Reviewing and revise university essays

  • Learning community essay—examples and ideas

  • Reviewing and revising community essays

  • Learning activity essay—examples and ideas

  • Reviewing and revise activity essays

  • Writing short answer essays—examples and ideas

  • Reviewing and revising short answer essays

About Course


College Application Essay

Grades 11 - 12

Every Wednesday

4 to 5pm (EST)

Course ID: CAE-WED-4:00PM

Every Friday

6 to 7pm (EST)

Course ID: CAE-FRI-4:00PM

Every Saturday

8 to 9pm (EST)

Course ID: CAE-SAT-4:00PM

Every Sunday

4 to 5pm (EST)

Course ID: CAE-SUN-4:00PM

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