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College Entrance Prep. Long-term and Crash Courses


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We strongly believe that fundamental skills required for superior ACT/ SAT/ PSAT scores cannot be obtained in a short period of time.

Multiple years of extensive preparation will build excellent reading and comprehension capabilities while extending students' vocabulary and clarity of written communication. It also takes an extended period of time to build a thorough understanding of concept-based mathematical techniques—the foundation needed to solve problems quickly and accurately.

That is why SkySlate created a three-year long program that prepares your child with the necessary skills to reach their full potential and triumph over the ACT / SAT/ PSAT examination.​ At least three years of extensive preparation should be undertaken to truly prepare a student for ACT / SAT / PSAT success, with excellence in reading comprehension and with an impressive bank of vocabulary. It also takes a long-term, regular exercising to build solid Math capabilities and to thoroughly understand the basic concepts needed to solve problems quickly and accurately.

  • Three-year course plan for a Perfect Score and Scholarship Opportunities

  • Builds Math, English, Science, Writing Skills, precisely required for SAT, PSAT and ACT specific challenges.

  • Guaranteed Score improvement of 4 + Points on ACT and 300 + Points on SAT.

  • Develops confidence and mastery = the skill set for SUCCESS

  • Offers thorough practice of realistic SAT/PSAT/ACT questions using industry standard guide books

  • PSAT is Preliminary SAT, a reduced form of SAT, conducted in 9th or 10th grade to become eligible for merit scholarships

  • Includes special, unique math techniques, tips, and tricks to solve problems quickly to beat the clock—one of the most difficult issues for students when taking timed tests​

  • Students who complete all 3 Levels cover over 6,200 + pages of test targeted questions that guarantee top scores. Practice makes perfect!

  • Test targeted questions that guarantee top scores. Practice makes perfect!

Download Curriculum:

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