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English Second Language

1 Hour/ Week

$75 / Month


2 Classes FREE TRIAL


Confidence in communication is the ultimate goal of SkySlate’s English Second Language (ESL) Program. Upon completion of all levels, students will be prepared to take the Versant Language test as proof of competency in spoken language. This test is highly recommended for those seeking employment or entering American colleges and/or universities. Reinforcement of skill as well as the introduction of challenging material has been the foundation of all Skyslate programs, thereby making the ESL program a natural outgrowth. The English Second Language Course is designed to assist non-native speakers with their English skills and intends to bring competency in their communicative abilities for employment, healthcare, transportation, and daily interaction. Skyslate worksheets focus on the practical application of the language, targeting conversational ability as well as formal academic writing. Students will be practicing in real time with their tutor and will emphasize correct pronunciation as well as correct word usage.

The course is broken down into three levels:

  1. Beginner

  2. Intermediate

  3. Advanced.

This is intended to accommodate learners with various goals, whether these goals are employment, academics or simply to answer questions that have long been on their minds. The program re-enforces the basics of English as well as challenging the student with material to stretch their abilities.

  • Lessons are designed with comprehensive goals that introduce students to new challenges as they progress through the levels.

  • Students may study in the comfort of their own homes with the Skyslate app.

  • For those residing in the Metro-Detroit area, students may come to Skyslate’s learning center in person to practice conversation and interaction with a TEFL certified English tutor.

  • Each course/level lasts 36 weeks and includes about 300 worksheets.

  • Each semester consists of three bi-weekly tests and one final test per semester.

  • A diagnostic test is conducted to place the student in appropriate level.

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